Information and Photos

Inspections Include.....

All inspections include the following:

  • Roofing, exterior, interior, electrical, plumbing, heat and or A/C, foundation, structure, overall condition, pest infestation, windows, doors, and much more.

A Drone....Really?

That's correct.... I've been using a drone for over two years to inspect the roof. It works very well. I can show you the complete roof and include a video or still pictures in the report. 

The BBB....

I've been a member of the BBB for a few years now and I'm very happy to report a great standing. Many people check the BBB before hiring an inspector or contractor. I recommend it.  So, check it out , it's really worth the time and effort.


Check out some REAL inspection photos. I'm sure you've got questions... I sure did. Below are just a few... As time goes on, and I figure out how to post a drone video, I'll update this page. 

Your included...

Many Home Inspectors don't care for the client or the seller be present during the inspection. Why? I have no idea. We encourage you to go thru the inspection and ask questions. Again, this is your investment and YOU are the boss. 


Feel free to call with any questions you may have. That's always free. I talk with people all the time with home questions even those who haven't had an inspection. I really enjoy my work and when you enjoy what you do, it's not really work.