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Why do I need a gutter downspout aimed away from my house? Why is this so important? 

The Answer

I can't stress enough how important diverting water away from the foundation really is. Water can penetrate into the basement and cause all kinds of problems. Such as mold, a wet basement and damage to the wall, floor, and anything you may have on the floor. 

Walks and Walkways

So, my sidewalk is broke and raised up just a little on the side of my house. Whats the big deal?

The Answer

Believe me, beside not looking all that good, a raised sidewalk can be a trip hazard. It  could only be 1/2 inch to cause someone to trip and fall.  Insurance companies have told home owners to have these repaired.  I understand it's the out doors and you might not think it's a problem and you've walked on it for years without a problem, but all it takes is one person to trip and get hurt... Enough said?

What is a GFCI and why do I need them?

I was told I needed one by my sinks and and also outside. I've gone years without this thing, why and what is the deal on this?

The Answer

Ok, so this is the story on that. A GFCI is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This is a special electrical outlet designed to "trip" if any moisture should be present. These outlets work by monitoring the voltage in the outlet. Even the smallest amount of moisture changes that voltage and causes the power to "trip" in less than a split second. This PREVENTS electrocution.